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Create The Perfect Nursery

Transform your little one’s nursery into their sleep sanctuary, ready to enchant and delight with adorable finishing touches and nap-friendly furnishings that won’t stretch your budget.

1) Furniture

Having clever and versatile furniture is key when It comes to saving yourself money and effort. Beds that can evolve with your ever-changing family are a great investment. Our 2-in-1 cot can transform into a toddler bed, making the transition to ‘big bed’ far easier when your little one reaches their toddler years.

2) Lighting

Using soft lighting can create a soothing atmosphere for your little one, helping them to drift off to sleep quicker as well as being less harsh on their sensitive eyes. Many touch sensitive lamps have multiple brightness settings, so you can choose how bright or dim you’d like the light.

3) Window Dressing

Creating the right sleeping environment for your little one is of course, essential. A blackout blind or blackout lined curtains not only allows you to block out sunlight during the day for midday naps, but the thick design also helps to regulate a room’s temperature all year around — trapping in Winter’s warmth and keeping Summer’s heat out.

4) Create Comfort

A comfy chair in the bedroom, preferably with soft cushions and a pouffe or footstool can make feeding easier, allowing you to feel relaxed and more settled. Using a chair to create a designated area for feeding could even help your baby settle easier if used as part of their bed time routine. Creating comfort in the cot itself is also key. Comforters and textured blankets will go a long in way in making your baby’s bed extra comfortable.

5) Storage

How can someone so tiny have so much stuff? It may come as a surprise as to how many things a baby can have. Thankfully though, by investing in clever storage, you can keep things organised. A corner bookcase makes great use of space, and by decorating the shelves with attractive boxes, you can conceal unsightly items whilst still having easy access to them.

Look for a wardrobe with internal shelves or a set of drawers with a changing area on top. This will ensure plenty of room for baby’s clothes and blankets. A nappy stacker is useful for keeping spare nappies tidy, likewise, storage baskets are a great option for storing bibs and other loose essentials.

6) The Finishing Touches

Bedrooms and nurseries are not only for sleeping. We dress, read, chat and play in them, so they should be cosy, safe and inviting. A soft rug will not only add some style to the room, but it will also make those early mornings a little easier on cold toes, and when it comes to tummy time or floor play, there’s nothing more satisfying than a squishy floor cushion.