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How to Plait Hair

For a super cute, super practical hair style your little one will love for school, look to our step by step video!

Step 1

Firstly, section the hair into 4 equal sized strands.

Step 2

Using your left hand, hold the outside strand from the left between the ring and little finger, the second strand between your ring finger and middle finger and the third strand in between your middle and index finger. Hold the final strand in your other hand.

Step 3

Extend your middle finger and lay the strand from the opposite hand over it. Hook your middle finger to secure the strand.

Step 4

Once you’ve crossed over those strands hold these in your right hand, ensuring that you keep them separated using your fingers.

Step 5

Place the strand that was crossed over the top of the other strand, underneath the second strand of hair from the left. To make this easier, switch strands between hands.

Step 6

Grab that strand using your left hand and pull it over the top of the final strand of hair.

Step 7

Pass the strands back into your left hand and hold them like explained in step 2 and repeat the process.

Step 8

Once you’ve reached the end of the plait, secure it using a bobble. Finally, pull gently on the plait to loosen it and reveal more of the plait pattern. And voila!