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How to Tie a Tie

Make dressing your little ones for school stress-free with our handy step by step video on how to tie a tie!

With your collar up, place your tie around your neck. Making sure the wide end of the tie is twice as long as the thin end.

Take the wide end across the top of the thin end of the tie.

Take the tie around the thin end of the tie twice to create the front of your knot. (Twice around the roundabout).

Push the wide end of the tie through the top of the tie. (Up and through the tunnel)

Poke the end of the tie through the knot you’ve just created. Pulling the other end once it’s through the knot. (Down and under the bridge).

While pulling the knot nice and tight with the thin end of the tie, wiggle the knot up into place.

Finally, straighten the tie before pulling your collar back down.