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Airport Outfit Ideas

Now Boarding
We all know the airport is the start of the holiday. It’s where you buy the suncream you forgot, the perfume you simply need and every kind of airplane snack. So start your holiday in style with these ultimate airport fits for every kind of trip!

Love To (Departure) Lounge

Comfort is key for the airport, especially if you’re arriving early in the morning – the only time waking up 3AM is acceptable. Get a lounge set, or pair a hoodie with leggings and you’re good to go! Pop on a t-shirt or vest underneath for when you land…

Into The (City) Light

Heading on a long weekend city break? Go from airport to coffee shop, tourist attraction or our personal favourite, the cocktail bar, in style with the perfect ‘straight off the plane’ look. Think slouchy boyfriend jeans, graphic tees and smart trainers.

Get (Matching) Set To Jet

Meet your match with the perfect sweatshirt and shorts sets! The light colours and even lighter layers make for a great airport fit. What’s more? Double up your shorts to wear over a bikini at the beach or when you head out on a daytrip. Win-win!