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First Date Outfit Ideas

Going on a first date can be scary, but also super exciting! Whether you’ve known the person for a while or are meeting for the first time, you want to make sure you look and feel the part. So, if you’re wondering what to wear, then search no further! We’ve got everything you need right here to help you pick the perfect outfit to make your date go ‘WOW’! Whether you’re keeping it casual or dressing to the nines, here’s all the staple pieces you need to make it a first date to remember.

But first, to get you date-ready, you have to think about:

The Place

You want your outfit to match the location. If you’ll be heading outside or walking to your next destination, then don’t forget to match your look with a trendy jacket or coat to fight those chills. Especially in the Winter!

The Activity

Whatever you and your date have planned, ultimately you want to make sure you feel comfortable all day and night. Remember, nobody wants to go bowling in high heels! Your outfit and shoes should be something you’re ready to take on any activity in.

Confidence Is Key

To look your best, you have to feel your best. Wear whatever you feel most confident in to really help you shine - whether that’s your favourite pair of jeans, your most glamorous bag or that top that really makes you feel (and look) good.

Be Yourself

Your date likes you for who you are, so dress how you want to dress and always be true to yourself!