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When To Start Wearing Maternity Clothes & What To Wear When Pregnant

When To Start Wearing Maternity Clothes & What To Wear When Pregnant

Wondering what you’ll be wearing for the next nine months? Not too sure what you need to stock up on? There’s really no one-size-fits-all when it comes to maternity style but that’s not always obvious!

Looking at some maternity ranges gives you the impression that you’re expected to buy ten pairs of maternity leggings and an over-sized jumper and that should be the lot. This guide is to help you realise, that isn’t the case. There are lots of changes during pregnancy, but one you shouldn’t have to make is dressing like you’re someone else. Instead, do maternity fashion, your way…

You Need To Start With A Wardrobe Check

Just as people come in different shapes and sizes, so do babies and bumps! Go through your wardrobe and find pieces you’re able to wear longer so you don’t need to buy lots of maternity clothes straight away. Make space for new buys by clearing out items you know you won’t wear any time soon. At work, a-line tunic dresses with open blazers are your best friend. This keeps workwear smart and your bump hidden if you haven’t shared the news yet! Maternity skinny jeans are great for everyday wear because they can be dressed up and down easily. It’s worth noting that ‘over bump’ jeans do offer more support than ‘under bump’. If you find you like the comfort of a covered bump too, buying a couple of bump bands is a great way to adapt some of your existing clothes. You can wear your normal trousers and jeans for longer or bridge the gap between your favourite top and under bump trousers. Soft and stretchy non-underwired crop tops are also a wardrobe winner throughout your pregnancy – and definitely worth considering.

Discover Surprising Maternity Favourites

If you’re not quite showing yet, combining maternity and non-maternity clothes can save the day as well as offering you more stylish options. For example, midi skirts that you can pull on and off over your head are bump-friendly to wear – but do consider sizing up.
“I was all about dresses during my pregnancy! I loved showing off my bump in stretchy bodycon styles.” Anelia, Community Executive, Bump, Baby & You
Plenty of mums-to-be look to maxi dresses as a style hero. They’re amazing when it comes to staying cool in the warmer weather. Again, size up for comfort and complete the outfit with a long-line cardigan or kimono. Canvas espadrilles are great go-to Spring and Summer shoes because they’ll stretch to fit your feet!

Dress Your Bump, Your Way

Got more of an idea where you’ll take your own maternity style? The final tip is to buy little and often. You’ll find your new fashion favourites and consider the comfort factor more easily when you work with your changing body. You’ll be really excited to start buying clothes for baby. So when you buy items for them, make sure you take a look at what’s new in stock for you too!