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Tick off that ‘to buy’ list

Life with a little one on the way can feel overwhelming to say the least. If you, or someone you know, has a list as long as their arm of “things to buy before baby arrives” then our newborn range has it covered.

Sleepsuits and sleeping bags (for whether you manage to sleep or not)

You may not be getting your usual eight hours sleep every night when the little one arrives, but you can make sure baby is dressed to snooze. Our range of cotton sleepsuits, sleeping bags and sleep pods are perfect for baby’s bedtime, whatever time that may be.

From teeny tiny babies to boddlers

Our range of baby clothes covers all ages from newborns right the way up to almost-toddlers (or boddlers if you will). There’s even a section suitable for tiny newborns, perfect for those first few weeks at home. What’s more, they’re all cute as a button.

Baby bath time

For babies, there are few things more fun than splashing about in the tub with duckies and buckets and for you there are few things cuter than when they come out of the bath and get wrapped in an adorable hooded baby towel. Our range of baby bath towels include a selection of super soft designs that are perfect for drying sensitive little skin.

Give the gift of complete clothing sets

During those first few exhausting months, there’s barely time to choose an outfit for yourself let alone a whole matching outfit for a newborn. Make things easier for new parents by gifting a matching clothing set from our range. From knitted rompers with matching t-shirts to dungarees and bodysuits, there’s something cute that they’re sure to love.

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