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Favourite lesson of the week?

Is PE their favourite lesson of the week or do they routinely “forget their kit”? Whatever the answer, our selection of stylish and practical PE kits and school sportswear is sure to make getting them to their lesson a whole lot easier.

From little leapers to big hitters

With school PE kits available from ages 3 to 16 years, you know we’ve got you covered. The range of handy school hoodies and comfy jogging bottoms are suitable for all ages and all activity types. Made from quality materials and with a super comfy design, your little one will be ready to play, whatever their age.

Pick a colour, any colour

Need a specific colour to match the school’s uniform code? Worry not, we’ve got your back. Our range of school polo shirts come in an array of colours to suit you, choose from white, red, blue or yellow and get them ready for PE.

Water babies 

Little one getting ready for swimming lessons? Take a look at our plain and perfectly school appropriate swim shorts or swimming costumes in a choice of sensible black or navy. The bright pink and palm prints can wait for the weekend, after all!

Smarty pants

We get it, your little one’s school backpack is so crammed full of textbooks and extensive homework assignments that there’s no way they could fit their gym kit in too, right? In that case, take a look at our range of pump bags that are perfect for storing school PE or swim kits – keeping muddy pumps away from textbooks. Plus, if your little one has been known to bring someone else’s gym kit home by mistake, choose an alphabet drawstring pump bag to make sure that they can always spot their own in a lineup.

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