Ashley's Back To School Top Tips

Ashley Wilson @amothersedit
Ashley Wilson, aka A Mother's Edit, shares her tips for getting the kids ready for a new term.

I loved reading books about the change, making the alien more normal so they become familiar with school life.

If you know any other children that are making the same transition, spend time with them over the holidays so you can chat about it all together and they don’t feel as alone.

Try and keep it as exciting as possible, choosing the uniform, bags, lunch boxes, water bottles.

And try not to call it big school – it can be intimidating enough without the word ‘big’ being put in front of it.

Easier said than done but if you can keep the morning wake-up time pretty similar to term time over the holidays it will help massively.

And prep – preparation beforehand helps so much. I try and book any holidays over Summer at the start or in the middle of the six weeks, that way we have time before we start back to get prepared.

Anne Marie's Back To School Top Tips

Anne Marie @fashionmumof40
Anne Marie, aka Fashion Mum of 40 shares tips & advice for getting the kids ready for school.

Being organised is the key and I always try to get everything ready the night before. I lay their school uniforms out and school bags are packed and left in our hall ready for a timely exit in the morning.

Routine is very important; make sure they have a regular bed time each evening, to ensure they get a good night’s sleep. If you are slightly more relaxed with their bedtimes during the summer holidays start to wind back the week before school starts, to get back into their normal routine.

I always ask my children, “How did you day go?” don’t be upset or shocked if you child doesn’t want to share or say they can’t remember. They are often tired and just want no more questions. …. they will tell you in their own time.

On the other hand, if your child is unusually quiet it is often a sign something is making them sad at school and just a few questions “like is everything OK?” often opens the floodgates.

For all you new school parents …. don’t fear Reception class is not that different from pre-school your children will still have lots of play time, they just learn a little more through their play.

Don’t forget to take lots of pictures of your gorgeous little ones in their new uniforms on their first day. It’s a special day, one to look back on and fondly remember.

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