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“It’s changed a lot since I was at school!” -  Parents share the truth about Covid homeschooling.

“It’s changed a lot since I was at school!” - Parents share the truth about Covid homeschooling.

Survey reveals 27% of parents found homeschooling their children overwhelming during Covid-19 lockdown.

Research has shown how parents really felt about homeschooling their children during Covid-19, with many of them saying the perception of at-home-harmony you might have seen on social media doesn’t paint the full picture.

While many images might have shown parents teaching their children as looking easy, we wanted to show the truth behind the pictures and let people know that it’s totally normal to feel a little overwhelmed by those new responsibilities.

We asked over 1,000 parents with children between 4 and 16 what they thought of their homeschooling experience.

58% of parents said teaching their children was challenging

Perhaps unsurprisingly, over half of the parents we asked said homeschooling had been a challenge. Respondents to the survey said they’d had to “rush it due to work commitments,” with some saying they’d been too busy with their own work to help their children with theirs.

Coupling a full time job with a second full time job is no easy task.

It seemed homeschooling was most challenging in the east of England, with 71% of parents there saying they’d struggled compared to only 36% in Brighton. School by the seaside does sound a lot more enjoyable to us.

27% of parents found homeschooling overwhelming

Thought it was only you struggling to remember GCSE maths? Don’t worry, you weren’t on your own. 27% of parents thought teaching their children was overwhelming, particularly in Sheffield where 38% responded with that answer.

Mothers especially bore the brunt of the stress, with 34% feeling overwhelmed compared to only 17% of fathers.

Particular issues came around “getting them to focus on the work they were supposed to be doing,” “adapting to the schedule change,” and “maintaining the child’s interest.”

One parent even said their main problem was “understanding the work myself!” We certainly feel your pain there.

Only 18% of parents found homeschooling fun

As much as we’d all love some extra family time, ideally it would come without having to remember the periodic table or the order of Henry’s wives. Of all the parents we asked, only 18% said they actually found teaching their children fun. That’s still pretty good going if you ask us! Whatever you did to make home education enjoyable - whether that was lessons in fancy dress or algebra through rhyme - we salute you.

Boys were more tiring to teach than girls

In what we’re sure will be great news for daughters across the UK, boys have been revealed to be more tiring to teach than girls. 42% of parents said their sons had caused the most fatigue, compared to only 36% placing the blame at the feet of their girls.

Apologies for any sibling squabbles that might have caused!
Several parents said their children had “No motivation to learn when at home,” with some “Not being enthusiastic,” and other parents finding it hard to keep their kids engaged. If you thought trying to find new school shoes was tiring, that takes it to a whole new level.