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Make sure she’s all set for the term with our girls’ school dresses and pinafores. Designed for ages three years and up, we’ve put together a collection of smart styles in a range of school-friendly colours, each made from durable, stain-resistant materials to help them stay looking pristine for longer. With fuss-free options including zips and button fastenings, our school dresses and pinafores are detailed with neat pleats and handy pockets that will make sure she’s comfy, confident and ready to head straight to the top of the class.

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Girls 2 Pack Zip Front Pleated School Pinafores (3-9yrs)
Girls 2 Pack Jersey School Pinafores (4-9yrs)
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Girls 2 Pack School Pinafores (3yrs-9yrs)
2 Pack
Girls Grey Double Breasted School Pinafore (3-9yrs)
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Girls Black Belted Pleated School Pinafore (4-13yrs)
Girls Black Box Pleat School Pinafore (3-16yrs)
Girls Belted Pleated School Pinafore (3-13yrs)

Top of the class in a new school dress

Cast your mind back, if you will, to your school days, the first day of term in particular. Putting on your brand-new school dress was quite the occasion and the right dress could set you up for the year. Our range of school dresses, jumpsuits and pinafores are perfect to ensure she feels ready for school every day of the school year.

Cute playsuits for school

If your little lass like to climb a tree as much as the next person but her school haven’t quite caught up with the times, why not do a cheeky workaround with our adorable gingham jumpsuit? This playsuit will pass as a dress but with the handy bonus of being perfect for climbing, running and jumping.

The perfect school pinafore

Whether it’s zips or box pleats, belts or buttons, we have the perfect pinafore to suit your little one. In a choice of grey or black and from age three right the way up to 16, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Tremendous Teflon for school dresses

If you have a little lady who enjoys messy play a bit too much, then it might be an idea to invest in one of our Teflon-coated pinafores. The wonder material looks and acts like cotton until it comes to water and stains which it repels. It’s almost as if your kid just got their letter through inviting them to Hogwarts…

School’s out for summer… almost!

Changing from winter to summer uniform is the highlight for any sun-loving kid. Cast aside the wintery grey and opt for a light and breezy gingham check summer dress. Perfect for making daisy chains on the school field, some even come with matching headbands or Scrunchies to ensure your little ray of sunshine looks perfectly summery.

Relax, the school uniform dresses are sorted

It’s that time again, the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping. It can mean only one thing: back to school madness. If ‘buy little one’s school uniform NOW’ is at the top of your rather manic to-do list then relax, we’ve got everything you need. Take a look at our range of school-ready girls’ pinafores in a choice of sizes and colours and know that everything is in hand... Although, if she’s back to school on Monday maybe make sure you click “buy” before you treat yourself to that congratulatory cuppa!

School-worthy style

Chances are your teenager doesn’t LOVE her uniform. What teen does? You can ensure that she loves hers a bit more than her friends do though with our seriously stylish belted pinafore. With box pleats and a thin patent bow at the waist, this pinafore’s only drawback is, you’ll have to answer her mates’ parents’ questions about where you got it.

School uniform dresses for tot to teen

Whether she’s gearing up for her first ever day at school or she’s entering her GCSE year, we’ve got the right pinafore for you. Starting at a too-cute-it’s-emotional 3-years-old and going all the way up to “I’m almost an adult, why do I still have to wear a uniform anyway?” age 16, we’ve got all your pinafore, skirt and blouse needs covered.

Purse-friendly prices

Buying their uniform for their first day back after the school holiday is something that we’ve come to expect as a parent but when they’re about to grow out of their third pinafore this term, you could be forgiven for wishing the growth spurts would slow down a bit. Luckily, our always affordable school wear starts from as little as £6 so there’s no need to give the bank manager a call just yet. 

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