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Boys Dressing Gowns

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Getting your little boy settled in the evening just got a whole lot easier thanks to our selection of boys’ dressing gowns. Perfect for wrapping them up warm in winter, we offer a super snuggly range in different colours, patterns, and fabrics. Why not treat him to a fleece dressing gown this Christmas? Or, you could buy him a soft grey dressing gown that goes well with all his favourite pyjamas. Choose between camo print dressing gowns, football dressing gowns, and plain colour dressing gowns to find him a new favourite nightwear staple.

5 items

Family snuggle time

Picture the scene: the wind outside is howling and the rain is coming down in sheets. You have the heating on but you need an extra layer to stay truly snug. The family cuddle up to watch a film and little man announces he’s putting his pyjamas on but horror of horrors, he’s not warm enough. You know what he needs, he needs a dressing gown and he needs some slippers, but he has neither. Don’t make do with parental guilt, get him a dressing gown and see that he’s snuggly all through the night.

All wrapped up

Okay, when it comes to dressing gowns, comfort wins out over style. That’s why our snuggly boys’ dressing gowns are made from the warmest, comfiest materials guaranteed to ensure that he’s snug as a bug in a rug. Plus, they come in a choice of colours and styles to make sure he looks pretty cool, too.

Affordable comfort

No one wants to spend mega bucks on the clothes they go to bed in. Special occasion outfits are a completely different matter but when it comes to PJs, slippers and dressing gowns, we want all the comfort at a thoroughly purse-friendly price. We know that and it’s why our collection of dressing gowns come at always affordable prices.

Perfect for poorly sick days

Having a poorly sick little one is no fun. Seeing your little boy (however big he is these days) feeling poorly and lying around is not nice for any parent. You can’t magically make him well again, but you can make sure he feels comfy and cosy while he recuperates. That’s where PJs and dressing gowns come in – soft, snuggly, warm and just the thing to make him feel better in no time.