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Girls Jewellery

Get her glammed up for her next party or school dress-up with our delightful display of jewellery for girls. In a number of luxurious colours, including silver, gold and rose gold, we’re sure to provide an elegant finishing touch to her fancy favourites. Our kids’ rings are sure to make her outfit building a breeze, while our plain, printed and character design hairbands are sure to put a smile on the face of any child. To finish, our beautiful necklaces and tiaras will make her look and feel like the belle of the ball!


    All shapes and sizes

    Girls come in all shapes and sizes it’s true. You have those who love pink and refuse to wear anything else, those who won’t take off their leopard print onesie and those who are far more comfortable in their football kit than anything else but one fact remains, if they’ve got long hair, they’ll need to tie it back from to time. Our complete collection of hair bands and hair ties has something for her, whatever her style.

    Birthday brilliance

    If there’s a little one in the family with a big birthday coming up, then you’ll probably want to treat them to something special. Our jewellery sets are just the thing for making sure you put a smile on their face come present-opening time. Choose from cool mood changing necklaces, fun chokers or Mickey and Minnie pendants (part of the complete Disney collection) and guarantee a birthday she’ll remember.

    Dress up time

    If your little girl is turning into more and more of a princess by the day, then why not allow her to look the part with one of our adorable tiaras? Perfect for dress-up time (or just going to the shops on a Saturday if her majesty desires) these tiaras are super cute.

    Bumper packs

    Feel like you’re forever losing her hairbands? You’re not alone, hairbands and hair grips belong in that vortex along with all of those missing odd socks you never manage to locate. Pick up one of our bumper packs which contain loads of hair bands as well as hair grips and Alice bands. So, at least if you lose one, you’ll still have the others to keep you going!