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Smart essentials

Making sure your wardrobe can tackle all occasions is the key to building the ultimate clothing collection. An item that should always be to hand is a suit, or the components to put one together. Luckily, Broken Stitch Suiting is here to make that possible.

Tailored to perfection

Giving you the perfect fit to see you through a wide range of events, there’s formalwear here to suit everyone. While the jackets range from a 38S up to a 46L, our trousers feature long, regular and short lengths and waistlines of 30 to 40 inches.

Good looking

If there’s one thing that you need to remember with a suit, it’s that it needs to be eye-catching. While the fit is designed to make you look great, you’ll find a wide variety of colours and patterns that’ll help you stand out for all the right reasons, too.


The clothing brought to you from Broken Stitch Suiting is just what you need for more formal events. Sitting in your wardrobe, this is the type of clothing that’s always there when you need it. From weddings and christenings to galas and fancy work events, you’ll be ready for them all.

Work in style

While you’ll find clothing here designed to make you stand out at a big event, you’ll also find items to give you a smart edge daily. Great for wearing to work meetings or job interviews, you’ll discover slim fit suits to help you make a great impression on first sight.

Break them up

While each suit looks great together, breaking the pieces apart can help you create some excellent outfit combos. From matching the checked trousers to a plain white polo shirt or wearing a stylish jacket with chinos, these can help you add formal flair to the most casual of settings.
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