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Working style

Having a wardrobe built for comfort is extremely important. However, when it comes to the clothes you wear to work, it becomes even more important. After all, who wants to be sat in irritable clothing through most of the day? Thankfully, our collection of Stanley Workwear is here to help you out.

A different office

When it comes to workwear, most people think of sitting at a desk tapping away on a keyboard. While this can call for varying degrees of clothing, not everyone works in an office environment. If you happen to have a more practical job, which requires a lot of movement, you’ll need something made for that. Stanley Workwear specialises in this type of clothing.

Built to last

From building to plumbing and even painting and decorating, this clothing was built for it all. Hardwearing and sturdy, the clothes will see you through a whole host of predicaments, without restricting any movement as you reach up high or get down low. Oh, and the trousers feature multiple pockets, which is handy for on-the-go storage.

Making it fit

Regardless of size, you’re sure to find a piece of Stanley Workwear clothing to see you through the day. With tops and jackets ranging from small to XXL and trousers sporting 30 to 40-inch waistlines, you’ll find the ideal fit for you.

Made for warmth

If you work outdoors quite a lot, comfort is key. This is particularly true when it comes to staying warm. Built to help you out throughout those colder months, you’ll discover a mixture of softshell hooded jackets, zip-up fleeces and padded gilets to keep you happy here.

British summertime

While the summer can be a little chilly, being too hot in the summer can also be a big issue for outdoor and manual working. This clothing collection understands this, which is why you’ll find heavy-duty shorts and workwear polo shirts to help keep you as cool as possible during the working summer day.

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