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Types of Men’s Jeans

Not all men like the modern skinny jeans look and understand the difference between skinny, skinny stretch, straight, regular, bootcut and tapered so here is a little guide to help you pick the perfect jean.

Common types of Men’s Jeans:

·        Skinny Fit

The skinny jean is the modern style typically favoured by the younger man. The jean is a standard jean with a slim leg width which creates a tighter look and fit.

·        Skinny Stretch Fit

The skinny stretch jean is a skinny jean made with a denim material which has a bit more of a stretch which gives a more comfy and slightly looser fit.

·        Straight Fit

The straight fit is the traditional fit, straight width legs from the top to the bottom which give a more classic look.

·        Relaxed Fit

Relaxed fit, sometimes called “Comfort fit” is generally a wider legged looser fitting jean which allows for movement and comfort.

·        Bootcut

The bootcut jean is a straight legged jean which then slightly widens at the bottom to effectively cover a boot. They are not quite a “Flare” as the additional width is not visibly noticeable but the concept is similar.

·        Tapered Fit

The tapered fit jean is a little bit like the reverse of a bootcut, where the bootcut is wider at the bottom of the leg the tapered jean provides more width at the top of the leg and then goes slimmer at the ankle.

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