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Men's Leather Boots

Want some new footwear that screams sleek and stylish coolness? A pair of leather boots from Matalan will do just the trick. Whether you’re into your classics, such as men’s brown leather boots and men’s black leather boots, or fancy putting more of a versatile spin on your collection with leather Chelsea boots or leather desert boots, you’re in good hands with our fantastic range. Our pairs also have the style power to be dressed up or down, meaning you can wear them again and again – that’s money well spent!


    You can’t go wrong with leather boots

    Hard-wearing, long-lasting, envy-inducing. You just can’t go wrong with leather. If you’re looking for a stylish, well-made pair of shoes that were designed to stand the test of time then you’re going to be very happy indeed with our real leather shoes (part of the men’s shoe collection).

    Go for brogue

    We know we talk about style a lot but it really does matter to us. That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of fashion gurus Taylor & Wright and their fashion-conscious Gibson brogues in real leather. Choose from tan or black and get ready to answer a whole host of questions on your stylish choice of footwear.

    Leather boots

    When you live in the UK there’s no such thing as sandal season. June is regularly a washout, July sees intermittent showers and August is when Autumn starts. If you need a pair of boots that can handle both sunshine and rain then our leather boots are sure to work for you.

    Occasion Ready

    You have a big do on the horizon. Maybe it’s a wedding, maybe it’s a black tie event or maybe it’s just Monday morning. If you need to look the part then our real leather slip-on and lace-up shoes are bound to be right up your alley.

    Pick a boot, any boot

    Need something super warm for winter? Our fur-lined boots will be right up your street. Want something light and casual for the summer months? Whatever you’re into, we’ve got a pair you’ll love.

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