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Men's Holiday Shoes

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Find the perfect footwear for your next holiday with our range of men's holiday shoes. With styles to suit everyones taste, we have something for everyone so you can step out in style. Whether you're looking for a pair of sandals to take on your travels or some flip flops to wear by the pool, our collection has everything you need. If having your toes out isn't your things we've got shoes and trainers perfect for the hotter weather too. Shop our collection today and complete your holiday outfits.

40 items


What shoes should I wear on holiday?

Ideally, you should take a mix of functional and fashionable footwear with you on holiday. For hot summer holidays in particular, practical footwear like flip flops and sliders is essential for the daytime, while other, slightly dressier shoes will work well with chino shorts and shirts in the evenings.

However, it’s important to avoid packing too much. There are few things more frustrating than going over baggage allowance at the airport, and taking too many pairs of heavy shoes can be all too easy. Thankfully, our lightweight, sturdy holiday shoe options are here to help you breeze through check-in.

What shoes should I wear to the beach?

It’s important to keep your feet dry, supported, and protected against the hot sand, and certain shoes will do the job better than others. Designed to keep you cool and comfy on hot days, sliders, flip flops, and rubber clogs offer all the benefits required of good beach shoes.

For one thing, they allow your feet to breathe better than trainers and other enclosed shoes do. For another, they’re less likely to get sand trapped inside and cause irritation. With a supportive, sturdy range offered at great prices, you’re sure to find the perfect pairs of beach shoes for you here on the Matalan website!  

How to wear flip flops?

Flip flops, like sliders and other open sandals, are not the easiest to style. But, when it comes to beachwear, fun and relaxation come before fashion. So, as long as they’re the correct size and provide adequate support, you can pair your flip flops with whichever looks you like.

If you prefer to keep things looking cool, then consider coordinating the colour of your flip flops with either your swim shorts, vest top or T-shirt. Or, play it safe and invest in a versatile pair in a neutral colour like grey or black, so you never have to worry about clashing.

What shoes should I wear to the airport?

Shoes that are comfy, durable, and easy to take on and off are ideal for the airport, while those with lots of fiddly straps and buckles aren’t. So, depending on the temperature and your destination, lightweight canvas shoes with supportive soles or rubber clogs would do the job well.

Doubly beneficial because you can also wear them during your trip, sporting the right pair of shoes to the airport can help you keep the weight of your suitcase down. So choose wisely to ensure you pick a pair that will keep you comfortable and coordinate well with your holiday outfits.

How many pairs of shoes should I bring on holiday?

As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to take three pairs of holiday shoes away with you: two pairs of flip flops or other functional shoes, and more formal shoes for evenings out. If you’re planning any expeditions or adventures, consider taking dedicated walking shoes as well.

Ready to pack? No problem. Once you’ve got yourself a great selection of holiday shoes, you can start thinking about what to pair them with. From effortlessly cool sunglasses and summery hats to comfy cotton tees and smart short sleeve shirts, you’ve come to the right place if you want to stock up your suitcase.

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