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Men's Slim Jeans

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A popular choice with the modern gent, slim fit jeans ensure a versatile smart casual look. Here at Matalan, our varied array of men’s slim fit jeans comprises an array of colours including dark wash, mid wash, light wash, black and blue slim fit jeans. Whether you’re looking to dress them up or down, our slim fit jeans are cut with the signature close-fitting silhouette that aren’t quite as tight as skinny, but offer a more streamlined finish in comparison to straight fit. Combining comfort with contemporary edge, slim fit jeans ensure the perfect balance.

11 items

The new take on denim

Forget skinny jeans – every man needs a pair of slim fit jeans in his life. Riding low on the hips and close to the leg, they’re rapidly becoming the most popular shape on the high-street. Roll up the hem and pair with skate shoes or wear them in classic style with a lace-up boot. Magic.

A kind fit

Our men’s slim fit jeans are crafted with respect to the variety of shapes and sizes you come in. From 28-inch to 46-inch waist, and short, regular and long leg lengths, there’s a fit for you in this collection. Whatever size you are, we’ve got you covered.

Designer style, high-street prices

It’s what we all want at the end of the day. Luckily, at Matalan, it’s what we deliver in our collection of slim fit men’s jeans. Our collaboration with top menswear brands like Taylor & Wright, Oakley and Lincoln has resulted in some truly astonishing finds. Among them are Armani slim-fit jeans – dark wash and super easy to style.

An idea that washes

Want to give a different look day to night? Just add a few different shades of slim fit jeans to your wardrobe. We love light blue and mid-wash slim fit jeans for daytime affairs, while stone and navy colours are the foundations to those night-on-the-town outfits. Of course, the swagger’s not included.

Big and Tall

It can be pretty disheartening when you struggle to find slim fit jeans in your size in regular shops. We’re not a regular shop. Our Big and Tall selection combines the style, size and shape you need, at a price you’ll love. Men’s slim fit jeans are no longer a pipe dream – go forth and conquer!

Want a little more give?

If you like the look of skinny jeans, but don’t want the fit, check out our stretch biker jeans. They do just the trick, giving the same effect without the closeness. We’ve a couple of options to tempt you, including some black ones with intricate panel detailing. Chuck on a leather jacket for max impact.

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