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Men's Long Sleeve Shirts

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Welcome to Matalan’s excellent range of long-sleeved shirts for men, cut with snug cuffs for a cosier feel. Perfect for formal occasions, including important work events and anticipated wedding days, a men’s white long-sleeved shirt, blue long sleeve shirt or black long-sleeved shirt from our collection is sure to go a long way. Finished with dapper collars and practical button fastenings, we also offer more versatile options, such as blue and pink solid colour pieces, as well as classic print designs for extra style points. 

47 items


Men's long-sleeve shirts, ready for the British weather

Too chilly for a t-shirt but not cold enough for a jumper? It seems like the answer is obvious: a long sleeve shirt. You never really know quite how the weather’s going to pan out and for those many, many not-quite summer, not-quite winter days; trusty long sleeve shirts will see you through.

Timeless long-sleeve checked shirt style

What is it that makes a checked shirt so classically stylish? They looked good on hippies in the 70s, they looked good on rock stars in the 90s, they looked good on woodcutters in the…forest, and they look good on you today. Chuck on checks for date night, lunch with the fam or drinks with the lads.

Multipack long-sleeve shirt madness

There are those blokes who spend hours deciding on their choice of outfits. They spend most of their spare time perusing fashion mags and checking out the catwalk and the rest of it shopping in vintage and designer shops for the perfect shirt. It’s almost like no one has told them that we offer stylish shirts in multipacks, making shopping less time-consuming than it was before.


We know that for those casual nights at the local you’ve got your checks and your striped shirts and we respect that but what do you wear on the big nights out? We’re taking fancy restaurants, new bar openings or stag dos? Take a look at our effortlessly stylish floral shirts from Taylor & Wright. Expect bold prints, classic tailoring and male-model-worthy style. The only awkward thing now is getting the lads off the subject of your new shirt and back on to more stag-do friendly topics such as football, cars or er… the economy.

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