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Men's Cargo Shorts

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Nice and easy breezy, a pair of cargo shorts is a must for any man’s warm-weather collection. From men’s black cargo shorts to grey cargo shorts, we’ve stocked up on just about all your favourite colours here at Matalan to make your summer outfit building a breeze. Fancy lengthening your look? Don’t fret – we’ve also got a great selection of men’s 3/4 cargo shorts to make your wardrobe that bit more versatile. Simply put, they’re the perfect partnering pairs for all your favourite T-shirts and trainers on your relaxed hours off from work.

38 items


Why are they called cargo shorts?

Cargo shorts are so called for one simple reason: because the extra pockets allow you to store more stuff, or “cargo”. Perfect for carrying your wallet, keys, phone, and other essentials without the need to bring a bag, cargo shorts are the perfect casual outfit staple for practical people.

As well as their standard front and back pockets, classic cargo shorts have spacious side pockets with either zips or flap closures. A shorter version of the cargo pant style that was popularised in World War II, they’re a utilitarian piece of clothing that’s perfect for warm summer days.

Are cargo shorts cool?

Cargo shorts hit peak popularity in the late 1990s and 2000s. But, while the love for cargo shorts waned in more recent years, cargo shorts are still considered stylish if they fit well and complement the rest of the outfit. Plus, they have the added benefit of being super useful.

If you want to make your cargo shorts cool, it’s important to find options that suit your style. Monochrome fans would do well to opt for a simple pair of men’s black cargo shorts, while more colourful dressers might prefer a blue, khaki, or camouflage finish.

How should cargo shorts fit?

As with other short styles, cargo shorts should ideally sit just above or below your knee. They also shouldn’t be too snug – with the added bulk of the pockets, a regular fit will be far more flattering. However, the exact length and fit you choose will depend on personal preference.

From the standard cut to men’s 3/4 cargo shorts that provide that bit more coverage, there are several different options for you to pick between right here on the Matalan website. And, with styles available in a variety of different shades and fabric compositions, you’ll easily find plenty of pairs to team with your other casual clothes.

What shoes go with cargo shorts?

Classically cool low top trainers are the perfect match for cargo shorts, especially if they complement the colour. Footbed sandals and sliders would also work well on warmer days, while espadrilles are ideal if you’re building a more laidback look.

Just make sure that, when you wear enclosed shoes with cargo shorts, you opt for invisible socks, so there’s no excess fabric to distract from your outfit. As with the shorts themselves, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of footwear, from trainers to socks, so you’ll always have lots to choose from.  

How to wear cargo shorts?

Building outfits around cargo shorts is easy, you just have to keep things simple. Since they’re a more casual style, statement T-shirts are a good way to go, while button-ups and polo shirts could quite easily clash. A favourite pair of low top trainers will provide the perfect finishing touch.

The place where functionality meets fashion, our range of coloured, patterned, and grey cargo shorts will keep you feeling comfortable, looking cool, and never without your essentials. And, the best part is, our great value selection won't leave you out of pocket.