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White Socks

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Although cool clothes are key for outfit building, there are few things more important in your wardrobe than your selection of socks. An everyday essential designed to keep your feet properly protected, we stock a wide range of white socks that boast of quality, versatility, and style too. With the help of our selection, you can quickly replenish the pairs you wear for the gym with a multipack of white trainer socks by US Athletic, top off sporty streetwear looks with branded white sports socks, and even opt for the no-socks look with our range of white ankle socks and invisible socks.

8 items

A classic choice

When it comes to our footwear, many of us just think of our shoes. But our socks play a huge part, and it’s important that you have your sock drawer stocked with all the essentials – like white socks. Perfect for wearing to anywhere during all seasons, they’re probably just as important as all those black socks you have piled high.

Various styles

Just like their black counterparts, white socks aren’t a one-sock-fits-all kind of item. Whether you’re heading on holiday, out with friends, to the gym or somewhere else, you’re sure to find a pair of white socks for the occasion. Here at Matalan, you’ll find a variety of styles, including sports socks, trainer socks, insoles and regular day-to-day socks.

Great for summer

When spring and summer roll around, we all know that white is the go-to colour. This even applies to our socks. From white trainer socks when you’re wearing shorts and a pair of trainers or casual shoes, to when you’re wearing light blue jeans. Matching the white socks to an equally light-coloured top is a great way to add a fashionable touch in the warmer months.

Keep it formal

Whenever we think of more formal affairs, we probably all jump to black-tie situations. And with black ties, come black socks. But when the weather is much warmer, a formal event doesn’t have to mean a black-tie gala. In fact, it could mean anything from a wedding or christening to a swanky garden party. If this is the case, you probably won’t be wearing shorts, but rather nice trousers, shoes and an informal shirt or polo shirt. White socks, no matter the style, are perfect for such an outfit.

Made for everyone

Available in sizes six to 12, our white socks come in plain-all-over designs, or with coloured accents for that added spot of fun. You’ll even find multipacks of three and five from brands like US Athletic and Fila.