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Men's Cargo Pants

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Men’s combat trousers have never been so popular, and if you're a fan of casual clothing then our range of men’s cargo pants is the place to visit! Whether you want straight fit cargo pants or cuffed ones that are looser through the leg, we've got everything you could need right here. Jeans can be too heavy for the spring/ summer months, or maybe you've just worn jeans too often, cargo pants are the perfect alternative. We offer a range of colours from khaki, beige, navy, grey & black to suit your personal style. If combat pants aren't your thing you could always look at our chinos or men's casual trousers.

58 items


Men's Cargo Pants - Something different

Variety is the spice of life, and that applies to your wardrobe in the same way it does to your dinner plate. You wouldn’t eat the same food every day, so why would you wear the same outfit. Many of us can fall into the habit of just throwing on the same jeans wherever we go. But, try diversifying this year with a pair of cargo trousers.

Cargo trousers?

Called a variety of names, from combat trousers to combat pants and sometimes just combats, these have been around for years. Inspired by the original military design, these are loosely cut for comfort, while being hard wearing and tough. Excellent for taking on the outdoors.

Great for work

If you don’t work in an office, and spend most of your time outdoors or doing manual work, finding the right workwear can sometimes be difficult. But, due to their comfy nature, which provides easy movement, and their sturdiness, cargo trousers make an excellent work wardrobe addition.

Easy daywear

When you have children, or if you spend a lot of time outdoors, you want clothing that’s durable and long-lasting. Cargo pants are made to do just that. From long day trips to running around with the little ones or messing around with a bit of back yard DIY, these are built to see you through.

Great cuts

While you may have an image that sees cargo trousers as unflattering, it’s time to revaluate. Coming in straight-leg and loose-fit designs, these can look just as smart as they can look relaxed.

Look and feel good

While the multiple pockets add an interesting dimension, as well as practicality, these also come in a mixture of colours, including navy and khaki. Meanwhile, cargos are available in our big and tall range, with leg lengths ranging from short to long and waist sizes going from 30 inches to 42 inches.