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Taylor & Wright focus on fit, fabric and quality within every garment. Our ‘From Stitch to Suit’ feature highlights the attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into every aspect of our range.

The Design

Our designers carefully consider current trends and draw inspiration from catwalks when designing each suit. Each season key shapes and colour trends are highlighted and garments are intricately sketched to create a range that will meet the needs of our customers and suit every occasion.

The Fabric Mills

Each season we visit fabric trade shows at Texworld and Premiere Vision in Paris to ensure we are sourcing the best fabrics for our range. The fabric selection is a key factor when choosing the right quality and overall look of each suit.


This is one of most important stages when constructing the suit. Fabric weaving is a highly complex process. At our mills, yarns constructed of raw fibres and filaments are dyed into the this seasons’ colours and are then woven together on high speed looms to create the lengths of fabric. These lengths of fabric are then finished using both wet and dry processes to give the desired, stability, hand feel, performance and preparation for garment production.


Our Taylor and Wright factories use the latest machinery to ensure each suit meets our design, quality and fit standards. Within the final process over 100 components are carefully stitched together to create a high quality garment.


And here we are, the finished product! The Taylor and Wright range has a style to suit everyone for all occasions - no wardrobe is complete without a staple suit!

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