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Top UK Staycation Destinations for School Holidays

School’s out! Your kids have worked hard for weeks and its time for a break. When you’re planning your next school holiday staycation, wouldn’t it be handy to have an inkling of what the weather would be like and how much there is to do?

Whether you’re chasing the UK sun or want to avoid the rain, our school holiday weather tool can help with your planning. All you have to do is select which holidays you’re planning for and check out the temperature and rainfall of the regions of the UK to see when would be best to visit.

At Matalan, we know there’s more to a getaway than the weather. We have also gathered TripAdvisor data into the most sought-after UK staycation destinations to find out which come out on top for the perfect family holiday.

The Warmest UK Staycation Destinations

Based on average temperatures for the summer holidays, the Isle of Sheppey in Kent is likely to be the top location to visit if you want to feel the heat, with an average temperature of 18.82°C. In fact, the South East appears to be a hotspot in general, with four of our top ten located within this region.

The Rainiest UK Staycation Destinations

It comes as no surprise that many of our rainiest staycations are located in Northern Ireland, Scotland and the North West. If your family isn’t fussed on outdoor activities, the Isle of Mull in the Scottish Hebrides is a perfect cosy getaway, with a 51% chance of rain in the summer holidays.

Top 20 Family Friendly UK Destinations

We know that having the kids at home can mean lots of entertaining, so why not plan your holiday in a location where there is plenty for the family to get stuck into?

To crown our most family friendly destinations, we’ve used TripAdvisor data to create a weighted rank, based on the most important factors to parents planning a getaway trip. To see which locations would suit your family the most, filter the table below to see where comes out on top and get one step closer to booking your next school holiday staycation!

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Methodology: We conducted desk research to find the most sought after/trending staycation destinations. We then used the Met Office's UK climate averages spanning across 1990-2020, to make our predictions. % chance of rain was calculated by taking the number of rainfall days, and dividing this by the number of days in an average month - which is 30.437. We also scraped data from Trip Advisor around categories such as number of landmarks, number of child-friendly restaurants etc. to create a weighted rank.

For some locations, we used rainfall data from the prior reporting period (1981-2010) where the latest data was unavailable. This applies to: Windermere, Kendal, Loch Lomond, Newquay, Jersey, Dover and Isle of Sheppy.

As UK countries have different school holiday dates, we used February's climate data to represent the February half-term, April to represent Easter, June to represent the summer half-term, July to represent the summer holidays, October to represent the autumn half-term and December to represent the Christmas break. These particular months are most in-line/consistent with the different countries different holiday dates.

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