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Action Figures and Playsets

31 items

Welcome to the world of action figures & play sets! Let your imagination run wild as you explore our wide selection of playsets and toy sets. If you're looking for something to give the child in your life with an active imagination, these action figures and toy sets are sure to bring hours of fun. We've got police and doctors play sets when your little one wants to save the day, dinosaur playsets when they're ready to explore a prehistoric world, and more!

31 items


Get in on the action

Lightsabers at the ready – it’s time to get in on the action with our range of action figures, fit for any super collector. From Fortnite to ROBLOX and all the Marvel favourites, stock up on the family collection of figurines for endless playtime opportunities. Let the battle commence!

Delight your little legends

Get kids engaging in hours of stimulating role play by bringing favourite heroes to life. With all the much-loved Marvel Legends figures available here at Matalan, you’ll never struggle to think of the perfect birthday or Christmas present ever again.

All their favourite characters

Know a little wannabe action man? Delight mini collectors with all the world’s best characters in action figure form. They’ll love mastering Iron Man’s strength and playing at overtaking the world with the Hulk, whilst getting ready for Batman to swoop in and save the day.