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Board Games and Puzzles

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Board games and puzzles are a great way to bring people together. They're perfect for parties, family gatherings, taking on holiday with you, or just some quality time with friends. Whether you're looking for the classic snakes and ladders game or guess who, or something more modern table air hockey or head basket ball, our range of board games & puzzles has something to offer the whole family. There's an endless variety of options that can challenge your mind. Shop the range today!

12 items

Can’t-go-wrong family fun

You just can’t go wrong with bringing out a board game for family games night – the kids may moan and groan, but who doesn’t enjoy a game of Classic Monopoly? There’s nothing that brings people together like a good game, and that’s why we stock all the favourites, from side-splitting active games like Twister to brain-busting general knowledge quizzes like the much-loved Trivial Pursuit.

From puzzles to Pictionary

We all know a good board game tournament is a fun way to spend a rainy day or lazy afternoon – check out our new range of games and puzzles and you’ll find something for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned gamer or newbie.

Twists on the classics

Tired of boring old Monopoly? Check out our themed selection of board games, sure to delight fans of Fortnite or Toy Story with their take on favourite characters. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about little ones being left out with junior and kids’ versions of all the favourite games available to buy here at Matalan, too.

Bring on the competition

Test your coordination with a game of Operation, or put your analytical head on for a few rounds of Battleships or Cluedo – whether you’re playing with family or friends, it’s time to get competitive and show them who’s the real champion of games night.