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Whether you want to rejuvenate your outdoor space or simply bring a touch of the outdoors into your home, choose artificial plants. They look as good as the real thing and provide an instant, fuss free update. Mel of @my_grey_place shares her top tips for choosing the perfect plants here.

I’ve always been a big fan of artificial plants. I’ve actually got more artificial plants than real ones in my home and you really wouldn’t know the difference! I’ve brought the outside in and created a cosy place to relax and read my book. This room is north facing and gets very little natural light, so faux plants are definitely the way forward for me.

I’ve chosen a mix of tall potted, small potted and hanging plants, all from Matalan. How realistic do they look? I’ve mixed different heights and styles for interest by placing the taller plants at the back and sides, and the smaller in the centre and front, exactly what you’d do in a garden border. Then, I added some natural tones with this lovely Origins mink wool rug and the round bamboo wall mirror. Even the Matalan abstract wall art ties in to create the perfect relaxing cozy setting.

I’ve picked out some absolutely stunning faux plants to rejuvenate this corner of my patio. They look so real, they’ve made my boring patio space into a secluded little oasis!

I’ve also added some lovely outdoor cushions in geo and palm leaf prints. They have absolutely transformed this plain bench and made a cosy place to relax in in the sun.

You could also add a garden lantern such as this black metal one. It’s a great size and goes so well with the black metal planters and creates a lovely focal point. Now pass me the factor 50!

I love to bring the outdoors into all of my home and that includes the bathroom. Did you know that a touch of greenery in your bathroom automatically creates a vibe of calm and tranquility? It really works, try it!

I’ve created my very own relaxing tropical paradise using artificial plants. And don’t worry if your bathroom is small like mine, you can still create a calm and tranquil vibe using your wall space. Try this trailing plant which comes in a ceramic wall pot, or the grass which can sit either on the floor or windowsill.

Not only does my bathroom look so relaxing and tranquil, but it smells amazing too! Add some scented candles, such as the Lavender and Orris and Jasmine and Tea scents, to add to the calm vibe. All I need now is a Do Not Disturb sign!

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