How often do you tell your friends just why they are so special to you? To celebrate Best Friend Day (June 8th), we asked some of our favourite influencers and celebs to tell us about their best mate and just why they mean so much to them.

Sam and I have been friends for nearly 20 years, we met on my opening night of Chicago back in 2001 - she was dating a film director I had worked with and we met for a drink after the show, bonding over cocktails.

Back then Sam and I lived in London, we’d go out for girls nights and both loved to have a good time - still do! Since then our lives have run in parallel, we’ve been through makeups, break ups, and heartache together.

Sam now lives in Birmingham with her daughter April, partner Luke and has a baby boy due any day - we are so excited to have a new addition to our crew! Even though we don't live close by anymore, the distance hasn't made any difference, we always make a huge effort to each other in the school holidays, our daughters Betsy and April were born 3 months apart and are best friends too which melts my heart.

20 years of friendship have flown by, we have never argued or fallen out and I cherish that. I love that she’s adventurous and so unmaterialistic. We share so many happy memories, holidays together with our girls are some of the best.

Fiercely loyal, kind and one of the strongest women I know, Sam is my rock of a friend, she’s never let me down. Over the years we’ve laughed hard together and cried hard together, Sam sees me for me and is one of the people I can totally be myself with, I trust her implicitly.

I want to say thankyou to Sam, you always go above and beyond. Also to April, she's truly like my second daughter, I can't imagine life without them in it.

Love Denise x

My best mate Indy and I met when I was 16 and she was 19, we were working as Christmas temps at a store in town and ended up both having our contracts finish early as we talked too much!

We have had so many adventures over the years, now a marketing guru within the charity sector, Indy lives in London and is mum to her beautiful 1 year old Leo, who my son Kai absolutely adores. We don’t live close to each other anymore - but before lockdown we’d try and see each other every month or two, now we try and speak everyday even if it's for a couple minutes here or there. I'm missing that freedom to drive to London and have brunch with her. I miss that so much.

She is the OG. No one has known me as long as her. She's seen me at my worst and at my best and is always there. We just get each other you know? There's zero drama. If one of us can't be bothered with a plan we'd made, we'd just say "Babe I'm not feeling it, can we meet next week?" and there's no bad feeling.

Indy is love. She is just so kind, caring and absolutely full of life. She is someone who will go over and above for her friends. She has real passion. She's driven and she's my biggest supporter and I just love her for pushing me time and time again. I’d describe her as vivacious, driven and loving. She would say the same about me I think. There's a reason we're besties!

I’d like to tell Indy that I love her and cannot wait to book that spa day when this is all over and sip on some bubbles in the sunshine!

Love Tom x

Loving, brave and loyal, my best friend Tessa is a creative and talented wedding and event coordinator, a wonderful mother and an incredible friend. We met in college 18 years ago, and have been best friends ever since.

We can go for months without seeing each other if we are really busy but it’s always the same when we get back together. Before lockdown we were making an effort to get together more often and were probably seeing each other at least once a week. Now we are keeping in touch via FaceTime pretty much everyday. I’m massively missing just hanging out in real life. Every time we hangout together I always walk away feeling super creative and inspired.

Caring and compassionate and wise beyond her years. Tessa is always there for me whenever I need her morning, noon or night. I know that my secrets are safe with her. Tess is the kind of friend who always makes you feel like you can achieve anything. She is extremely hardworking and is constantly inspiring me to try harder and be the best version of me that I can be.

So many things make Tessa mean the world to me. She is intelligent, driven and brave beyond measure. She always encourages me and celebrates my achievements as well as being there whenever I need a shoulder to cry on!

Tess is more than a best friend, she is the family I got to choose! Our friendship is unbreakable.

Love Olivia x

Introduced through a mutual friend who knew we’d get on, Katie and I met 6 years ago at an outdoor Summer playgroup near where we live. Katie is an ex beauty editor, now wife with two young boys. Our families are close friends and our kids get along really well. It’s so lovely, chilled and easy when we all get together.

Right before lockdown, Katie and her husband Chris came over to ours for dinner and what was meant to be a very chilled civilised dinner ended up being a very funny kitchen rave! One of the best random nights ever!

Fashion and friendship sums up our relationship perfectly. We’ve been keeping in touch as often as we can through FaceTime, phone calls and social distancing door visits, which I love. But Katie is pretty active on my insta page, and I get all my cooking inspo from hers, @motherfoodofficial, so I feel like we speak constantly!

I’d describe Katie as beautiful, strong and thoughtful. I think she would probably say I was strong, supportive and sassy. I massively miss our girlie get togethers but know as soon as it’s safe we will pick up right where we left off. For now I want to send her a big thankyou, a thankyou really for just being you Katie.

Love Debbie x

Miriam (Miz) and I met at a mutual friend's birthday party. There was a hot tub and I literally fished her out of it after one too many cocktails. I knew instantly we'd be friends.

14 years later, Miz lives with her husband and three kids around the corner from me in North Leeds. Her eldest is 12 and she has 9 year old twins. We're in deep as far as families go, our husbands are best mates and our kids have been in each other's pockets since they were born. We play together, holiday together sometimes even work together!

The fantastic memories we have made are endless, from getting stranded on a mountain and being rescued by ski patrol; locked in by high tide in a cottage sending the husbands out in a canoe to get wine, to joking after months of trying for a baby that we'd both end up with twins (we did). Kitchen discos and lots of laughter. But our friendship although filled with fun isn't just that. Over the years there have been massively high highs but deeper than deep lows. During the rollercoaster ride we have always been side by side, strapped in and in it for keeps.

Living around the corner, we’d see each other pretty much everyday before lockdown, now we are on Facetime daily, often multiple times. Sometimes we don't even say very much, just keep each other company. I massively miss her hugs, her family, her cups of tea and her ability to make something delicious from the bottom draw of an almost empty fridge.

Since Covid19 hit, Miz has been shielding as her eldest son has complex needs, her husband is a doctor and has never been busier. She has been pretty much doing the kid and house stuff herself for the last few months. I would love to tell her just what a fantastic human I think she is and just how much I blummin miss her.

Love Katie xox

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