On Sunday 14th March, we’ll be celebrating our leading ladies all over the country. We caught up with some of our favourite influencers to find out how they’ll be spending Mother’s Day and what it means to them.

Mother’s Day this year is going to be a little different for us, unfortunately I won’t be able to spend it with my mum like we usually do! I will however have my babies with me which I am grateful for. Me and Lola are planning a girly pamper morning, followed by a family walk and roast dinner to finish the day. To me, Mother’s Day is a time I can relax and be a mummy without any outside pressures or housework.

When I was a child, I don’t think I realised how much my mum did for me without asking for anything in return! This year, I’m spending Mother’s Day with my husband and kids. The little ones usually make a card for me and my husband will buy some flowers, although presents aren’t as important to me as a healthy family!

Slowing down and taking time to really experience your life with the family just makes it a lot more fun or, sometimes, funny to watch. I’m really looking forward to spending Mother’s Day with my immediate family. I love dressing up with the girls, these matching t-shirts are the perfect thing for us to wear together.

Mother’s Day for me is a real treat! I loved celebrating it as a child with my own mum with homemade cards and cups of tea. Mother's Day to me is a day to celebrate my mother and to thank her for making me the mum I am today. This year, I'll be happy and bursting with pride, drinking tea and looking at my homemade cards.

Mother’s day is such a special day for me, Mummy is a word I never thought I’d hear after years of struggling with infertility. We finally got our dream after my third round of IVF, I was pregnant with twins! This year, we’ll go for a walk, then hubby will cook a roast and I’ll have lots of cuddles with my special miracles.

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