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A brilliant bag

Whether you love to travel or you’re just looking for an accessory to help you out in all areas of your life, one of our women’s weekend bags is the ideal addition to your collection of accessories.

Exceptional storage

The best part of our weekend bags range is, they can fit almost anything inside. So, whether you’re going somewhere that requires a lot of packing, or if you know you’ll be buying lots of items, one of these bags is sure to come in handy.

For all travel

Whether you’re leaving the country or staycationing, it’ll pay to have one of these large bags to hand. Made perfectly for travelling, you’ll be able to fit all of your clothing, make-up, shoes and even items like hairdryers inside, helping to remove the need to lug a huge suitcase around on the train or in and out of a car. Meanwhile, those leaving the country will be able to use one as carry-on luggage without worry.

A little fitness

Do you enjoy going to the gym? Well, you’ll be able to pop all of your gym gear inside, alongside a towel, supplements and drinks you may need without worry. Perfect if you need to go to work beforehand, you’ll be able to squeeze all those office supplies in too.

Making shopping easier

Do you love shopping, but don’t want to be carrying lots of bags? Well, one of these bags is perfect as you’ll be able to fit all your items in. Whether it’s clothes, groceries or something else, you won’t need to buy a plastic or paper bag again when you have one of these with you.

Styles for all

From simple all-over colours to multi-coloured designs, our collection of weekend bags has been made to cater to every woman, regardless of style.
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