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Women's High Waisted Jeans

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Explore our fabulous range of women’s high-waisted jeans for effortless style that won’t let you down. Whether you’re looking for classic black skinny jeans or blue distressed jeans, all our high-waisted designs are made to flatter your curves and help you feel fabulous. Flare jeans are becoming more and more popular, so jump on the trend and grab yourself a pair from our collection today. Or step out in style with our ripped high-waisted jeans – simply team with your favourite oversized t-shirt for the complete look. Update your style today with high-waisted jeans for women.

2 items

That perfect pair of high-waisted jeans

We don’t think we’re getting carried away when we say it’s impossible to overestimate how important the perfect pair of jeans can be. When you find a pair that you love, they can make dressing for virtually any occasion the dream. Night out with the girls? Favourite jeans. Lunch with the family? Favourite jeans. Shopping for jeans? Favourite jeans. Okay, you get the idea. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of jeans then look no further.

Date night-worthy high-waisted black jeans

Whether it’s a first date with someone you’ve liked for months or your 10th anniversary with someone you’ve loved for years, date night requires a little thought. If you want to look great in something both figure-hugging and effortlessly classy, our high-waisted black jeans can be teamed with any top to make you look and feel a million dollars.

High-waists are perfect with cropped tees

Did you get a little carried away and invest in a selection of cropped t-shirts, only to realise that you don’t particularly want to be showing off your tummy every time you leave the house? You’re not alone. Our range of high-waisted jeans are the perfect combo to match with any ever-so-stylish but not-always-practical cropped tees.

Looking and feeling great with high rise jeans

Looking great is at least 50% down to how you feel. If you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’re happy with the design and you know that the cut is super flattering then there’s every chance that you’ll feel great too. We like to think our jeans cater for the 50% that makes you look great, meaning you can do the rest yourself.

Super high-waisted jeans in skinny or wide-leg for all sizes

At Matalan, we stock sizes for all shapes. Check out our Papaya Petite, Papaya Curve and Maternity range so you can look as good as you feel.