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Strapless Bras

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We all love our underwear collection, but sometimes, it can be frustrating when you don’t have that perfect piece to layer underneath your flattering V-Necks and flirty tops. Here at Matalan, we have the perfect selection of strapless bras for all your sleeve-free and backless favourites. In stick on designs, our bandeau bras stretch over your bust to provide a smoothing finish, as well as feature removable cups for a versatile fit. Although bras with clear straps are handy in their own right, they simply don’t compare to these super cosy and supportive cuts that will be there for you on your next night out or day in the sun! Shop for reliable, long-lasting and sleek strapless bras here today at Matalan.

19 items

Update your strapless bra collection

When it comes to your lingerie drawer, you always want to ensure you have something for all occasions. In the same way that you’ll need work and night-out necessities, the same is true of your bras, too. As we know, not all bras can be worn to all occasions. That’s why you should ensure you have a variety of styles to hand at all times. One bra that’s needed in every woman’s collection is the ever-versatile strapless bra.

Always discreet bras

With no straps to speak of, this is the type of bras that can be worn under most outfits, without anyone knowing you’re wearing one. From those strapless dresses to those tops with thin straps, and even strapless tops, having one of these to hand will ensure you never have to go without a bra.

Feel your best in a bandeau

There’s nothing worse than wearing an outfit and constantly having your bra strap slip out. Or worse yet, not being able to wear that fabulous dress or top because you don’t have a bra that you can wear with it. However, in our collection, you’ll discover everything from winged strapless bras to plunge stick-on strapless bras and seam-free strapless bras, ensuring every outfit is covered.

Wear everywhere

With so many different styles of strapless bra to choose from, these aren’t restricted to one event or one time of year. From big nights out while wearing a fancy gown to summer days when you don’t want strap-mark tan lines, the strapless bra is made for year-round wear.

A strapless bra, fit for you

When you have the right bra for the right outfit it can give you instant confidence. That’s why we’ve designed strapless bras to suit all. Fitting comfortably at all times, you’ll find our bras in black, white and beige colours in padded and non-padded wired designs. Meanwhile, strapless bra sizes range from size six to size 20.