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Short Knickers

18 items

Discover our range of short knickers today to refresh your underwear wardrobe with practical new pieces. Designed for straightforward everyday style, our short knickers are available in different designs, from delicate lace knickers to comfortable cotton designs. Browse our lightweight women’s boxers constructed from a soft stretch fabric and complete with a ribbed structure. Or stock up on three and five-pack knickers to replenish your collection. Whether you’re looking for plain, printed or patterned knickers, you can find what you’re after here. Don’t forget to shop the rest of our lingerie line to snap up even more staple pieces.

18 items

Everyday underwear essentials

When it comes to our lingerie, we all know that certain pairs just can’t be worn with everything. To prevent you from being caught short when it comes to your underwear, our collection of short knickers and women's boxer shorts is the ultimate addition. Keeping you comfortable, without losing that feminine edge, these knickers can be worn at all times, which is why you should always ensure you have a few pairs to hand.

What are short knickers?

Looking similar to regular full coverage briefs, short knickers offer the same kind of comfort, but are smaller than their counterparts. That said, these come in a variety of styles. From high and low-rise to ones with wide sides and low leg lines, this is a style that truly can cater to all. Our collection even offers seam-free and no-VPL designs.

Women's boxer shorts for everywhere

The best bit about this style is that they can be worn everywhere. From the office to a long day of travelling and even a night out with friends, these are small and stylish, while also being comfortable and practical. If you don’t have a few of these in your drawer, the time to buy is now.

Versatile short knickers & women's boxers

Because they’re so versatile and helpful, it always pays to have a couple of these in your drawer at once. Here at Matalan, you’ll not only find single pairs of short knickers but multipacks too, which come in sets of two, three and five.

Always beautiful lingerie

Just because they’re underneath, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be fun. Throughout the selection on offer, you’ll find short knickers in bold colours, classic black and white and cute pastels, alongside pairs featuring patterned designs and lace detailing.

Always a great fit

Catering to all women, our collection of short knickers can be found in a variety of sizes ranging from a size six to a size 20.

Underwear must-haves

Bring a little extra joy into your underwear collection with some fabulous new additions. Helping to keep your collection of underwear fresh and new, while also remaining practical, our wide range of mini knickers are perfect for all women. Stylish and comfortable, these can be worn under any outfit to any occasion, which is what makes them a new essential.

Feel confident in your short knickers

Made to make you feel confident with every stride, these embody enhanced femininity that’ll give you a boost from the moment you put them on. After all, just because no one can see them, doesn’t mean your underwear shouldn’t be just as amazing as the rest of your outfit. Made from a comfortable blend of materials, these briefs are made to see you through the day with ease.