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Womens Thermals

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Stay cosy

There’s nothing quite like cosying up under a big blanket in front of a roaring log fire, when the temperatures start to dip. Unfortunately, nice as it’d be to live like a hedgehog and hibernate for the winter months, it’s not exactly practical. If you’re looking to keep that feeling of snugness when you leave the house, then it might be about time you invested in some essentials from our women’s thermals range. Cosy.

Keep rocking your summer wardrobe

You have that blouse that you absolutely love and you always feel a little bit of sorrow when it comes to putting it away for the colder months, right? Long sleeved: yes. Warm: absolutely not. Well, good news, with one of our thermal long sleeve vests underneath, you can stay cosy and still look cool.

Unfriendly hours friendly

If your job involves late nights or early morning then you’ll know that even during the sunny months, the temperatures still have a habit of dipping below comfortable. Our thermal leggings and vests are perfect for putting under your work uniform when you need to keep warm. Suitable for postwomen, landscape gardeners, early starters and late nighters.

Always affordable

Spending the big bucks on that special dress for that special occasion is one thing but spending big bucks on your thermals? We’re less keen, thanks. That’s why the women’s thermals range (part of the complete lingerie collection) come at purse-friendly prices. So, now you can stay warm without landing yourself in hot water with the bank manager.

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