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Modest Clothing

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Modest clothing offers coverage so you don't have to show as much skin. Whether you're dressing for religious reasons or just feel more comfortable without showing too much, it does not mean you have to compromise on style and trends that show off your personal style. Within our modest clothing collection, we have gorgeous midi and maxi dresses in a wide range of styles like shirt dresses or smock dresses. Layering is a modest dresser's dream, we've got stylish bomber jackets and printed shirts that can be thrown over plain tees for more coverage. Maybe you want some modest workwear? Take a look at our modest trouser options. Shop our modest fashion today and start building your modest capsule wardrobe now.

4389 items


Modest Fashion

Modest clothing and clothes that provide a certain level of coverage don't have to be boring. You don't have to show skin in order to be stylish and trendy. Whether you're choosing to dress modestly for personal reasons or cultural beliefs, embracing modest attire can be empowering and allow your individual style to shine through your fashion choices. Find modest fashion and clothing that works for you here.

Modest Tops & Blouses

Tops with longer sleeves and high necklines are perfect for offering modesty within your clothing. Shirts and blouses also make great modest top options as they often come with longer sleeves and higher neckline options or can be buttoned up for more coverage. Plain t-shirts in colours like white and beige are also a modest dressers' best friends as they can be layered beneath strappy dresses, v-neck pieces and more so you don't have to compromise on wearing what you want but can also protect your modesty. High necks aren't always a must either, if you're a hijab wearer then playing around with how you style your hijab can often lead to more coverage around the neckline, so if you do love a v-neck blouse then you can still wear it.

Modest Skirts

Maxi and midi skirts not only offer modesty but also comfort. Floaty and slip skirts are brilliant wardrobe staples that can be dressed up or down for either casual or evening events. They're also brilliant all year round. Pair with some tights, chunky boots and your favourite knitwear for the perfect autumnal look. Alternatively, pair it on its own with some white trainers, a T-shirt and an open shirt for the perfect modest summer outfit.

Modest Dresses

Dresses are a modest dresser's best friend as they vary so much in style that it's easy to find options that offer coverage. From shirt dresses that can be layered with a hijab or t-shirt for even more coverage, or floaty maxi dresses that keep you cool during summer months. Wearing a modest dress doesn't have to be boring either, you can make modest dresses fun by opting for interesting shapes like drawstring waists, interesting materials like a denim dress or interesting prints like floral or striped patterns.

Modest Trousers & Pants

If you're looking to create a capsule wardrobe of modest clothing then modest trousers are a must. Trousers are usually modest anyway so it's easy to shop in the trouser section of every shop. Trousers are a great option as you can go for a range of styles from wide-leg trousers that give an effortlessly chic vibe to every outfit, to straight-leg trousers that offer a professional look if you're looking for some modest workwear. Whether you're looking for casual trousers like cargo pants or dressier options that work for a night out with the girls. Our collection of modest trousers has the options for you.

Layering for Modesty

Layering allows you to wear items that wouldn't typically be classed as modest. Maybe you have a strapless tops that you love but don't want to bare your arms. Wearing a jacket or open shirt over the top allows you to still wear them while giving you modesty. Do you have a slip dress or shirt dress that shows a bit too much skin? Layer on top of a t-shirt for an effortlessly cool outfit. Layering allows you to buy items you love and make them work for you.

Modest Summer Clothes

Dressing modestly during the summer can be difficult especially when all the shops seem to stock strappy tops, shorts and sandals. Learning how to dress modestly in summer is all about picking the correct fabrics, shapes and items that will keep you cool during hot summer days.