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Sports leggings


Built for early risers


Picture the scene: the sun hasn’t yet risen, all at home is quiet and the family are asleep, you sneak out of bed and into your workout clothes for a quick pre-work run. Absolute bliss, and you’re sure to feel great all day, with the adrenaline pumping and knowing you’ve got your steps in for the day. But, first things first, in order to work out, we need to have the right kit to do it. Take a look at our range of sports leggings that will have you springing out of bed and into the gym in no time!


From yoga to jogging

Are you starting a whole new fitness regime? Have you just signed up for a month of yoga classes? Maybe you’re about to try speed walking in the park for the first time? Whatever your workout of choice, we’ve got the perfect pair of sports leggings, gym leggings, yoga pants, sports trousers or Souluxe jogging bottoms for you to do it in. In a choice of colours and materials, we’ve got exactly what you need to get started.


Everybody’s a gym body

We’re firm believers that everybody has the perfect gym body. That’s why we offer gym bottoms and sports leggings in a range of sizes from size 6 to size 20 because fitness is about feeling great, not just looking a certain way in a muscle vest!


Walk to the shop or run 10k?

Just how active are you? Do you wake up at the crack of dawn every morning to get your 10k in before you go to work or are you more of a Saturday-morning-Youtube-workout kind of gal? Whatever your activity levels, our range of stylish sports leggings will see to it that you’re comfy all workout (even if that’s making up your extra steps with a quick walk to the shops).

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