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Women's Workwear

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Heading back into the office? Revamp your work wear with our range of women's suits, dresses and blouses. From crisp white shirts to sleek pencil skirts, our collection provides you with all the essentials for work wear. We also have a great selection of sleeveless blouses and camis for the warmer days or blazers and cardigans which are perfect for layering on colder days. As always, our products are great value and comfortable so you can shop with confidence! Treat yourself to some new stylish office wear today and enjoy free delivery with orders over £49.99.

460 items


Make Monday stylish with our women's workwear

Monday mornings roll around all too quickly. Do you find yourself leaping out of bed and into a stylish and totally work-worthy suit or work jacket? Or do you trawl through your wardrobe for half an hour trying to work out which of your old t-shirts won’t anger the boss? If it’s the latter, then your Monday morning woes are over, we’ve got a whole host of stylish workwear (part of the complete women’s collection) so you might even learn to love Mondays.

Loads of leg in work trousers

If you’re the big boss and you feel like your authority might be slightly undermined by the fact that you struggle to find a pair of trousers that actually fit then you’re going to be very interested in our trousers (bootcut, straight leg, skinny cut) that come in a selection of leg lengths. Choose from 27, 29 or 31 inches and get ready to boss your workplace.

Super comfy Soleflex shoes

A wise person once said that you spend half your life in your shoes and the other half in bed so invest in both. If you spend most of your working day on your feet then you’ll want a pair of shoes that are so comfy you’ll be jumping for joy (even after a 12-hour shift on your feet). The Soleflex range has been carefully designed to deliver all-day comfort without compromising on design. Each shoe features cushioned and breathable in-socks, and a durable heel meaning they’ll last and last.

Shift and shirt

If you’re more of a dress than a trouser type of woman then our range of shirt and shift dresses are going to be right up your street. Perfectly smart and formal enough for work, they’ll add a feminine edge to your workday.