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Women need suits

On the whole, we get a better deal than men when it comes to our selection of clothing choices. We can wear dresses, chunky combat trousers and oversized men’s shirts and no one will look twice. One area where men do have the upper hand though is when it comes to suits. There are entire shops dedicated to providing the perfect suit for our male counterparts but for us, there’s nothing. Until now, that is. The Matalan women’s suits sets, part of the suits and workwear collection sees to it that we too have chance to find the perfect suit set.

Dress like a boss

You have a big meeting at work and you just know that as long as you look the part, you’ll smash the meeting too. Our collection of suits sets are just the thing to have you bossing that boardroom in no time.

Pick a leg length

Do you struggle to find the perfect pair of trousers? Are you forever turning things up or trying to persuade your colleagues that your too-short trousers are actually stylish ankle grazers? Thankfully, our suit trousers come in a choice of lengths 27 inch, 29 inch or 31 inch so your ankles will be just the right amount of cover.

Affordable style

When it comes to picking up a new pair of work trousers, we’re reluctant to break the bank if we can help it but then again, we also need to make sure we look stylish and work ready. Luckily, the suits and workwear collection from Matalan provides all the formal style that you’ve been looking for but with thoroughly purse-friendly prices. Our trousers start from as little as £6 meaning you can break the back of that huge project you’re working on without breaking the bank.

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