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Women's Harem Trousers

36 items

There are few clothes comfier than harem trousers and, at Matalan, we have lots to choose from in different colours and styles. Select from gorgeous feminine floral prints and eye-catching animal prints. Or, for a more classic look, check out our simple but sleek black harem trousers. They’re super easy to dress up or down depending on your plans for the day. We also offer viscose and soft jersey harem trousers to help you maximise your comfort. And, with stretchy waistbands and classic tapered legs, they’re as flattering as they are cosy.

36 items


Skin tight no more

Ladies, we’ve got some great news: Skin tight, spray-on skinny jeans are so now. Which is the perfect newsflash if you’re curvy, or skinny, or have short legs, or long legs or, well, you get the picture, what we’re saying is, they’re not always the most flattering are they? And even better news, we have the dream alternative in our Harem trousers collection, part of the Matalan Women’s range.

Perfect patterns

Picture the scene: It’s Saturday morning and you have a busy, fun-filled day ahead. Firstly, you have to drop the kids at their friends’ houses, then you have to pop to the shops, then visit your mum and finally meet the girls for an afternoon cake and coffee before heading back to pick the kids up and get a takeaway with the fam. But what on earth do you wear? A pair of our patterned Harem pants with a simple white t-shirt and some pumps, that’s what. Stylish, practical and perfect for busy days.

Beachwear heaven

Do you have a summer sun holiday lined up? If you’ve stocked up on bikinis and beach towels from our Holiday Shop but now you’re looking for something that will take you from the beach to the beachside bar and back again then you’re going to LOVE our harem wear. Loose, slouchy and stylish – exactly what you want for a day in the sun.

Whatever your shape

Do you sometimes struggle to find the perfect fit when it comes to trousers? Maybe you never find the right fit to flatter your curves? Or maybe your legs aren’t exactly on the lengthy side and you’re forever asking your mum to turn up your new trousers? We hear your plight ladies and it’s why we’ve created the Papaya Petite and the Plus size clothing – because you deserve the perfect fit.