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Christmas At Home, Gifts and Decorations

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It’s Christmas

The festive season is here once again, and you’re probably sat wondering where the time has gone. But, now it’s here there’s lots to do, from making the house look its sparkling best to grabbing all those last-minute stocking fillers, and curating a tree that’s better than any you’ve ever done in the past.

Festive homes

Just like a wardrobe, a home can change seasonally. However, unlike a wardrobe, it’s a lot of hassle, and not to mention expensive. But Christmas is the perfect time to switch up your home décor for a little festive fun. Here, we’ve got pillows and blankets for the living room, alongside table runners and an array of kitchen wear, which includes glasses, plates and mugs. You’ll be feeling Christmassy in no time.

Deck the halls

While all of the above are great for transforming everyday items into festive delights, there are decorative pieces you can bring out yearly for extra yuletide joy. From wreaths that you can hang on the front door for the world to see, to similar ones that make a great table setting, there’s plenty to choose from. Maybe a few fairy lights somewhere other than the tree would look good in your home, or even a new nativity display. The options are endless.

Gift giving

While you may have ideas for specific gifts for your family, sometimes you need a little inspiration. That’s why you’ll find loads of different items here at Matalan to choose from. From little trinkets and toys to excellent stocking fillers to keep everyone happy. With this Christmas collection, you’re guaranteed smiling faces when December 25th rolls around.
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