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The lesser-known Turkish towel

We all know about Turkish baths but how familiar are you with Turkish towels? If the answer is “not very” then that’s all about to change. Our luxury range of Turkish towels are all made from 100% Turkish cotton and come in a range of colours and sizes making them perfect for your bathroom.

Premium Turkish cotton

So, just what makes a Turkish towel so special? Well, firstly they’re made with Turkish cotton which has extra-long fibres and is thought to make them softer and fluffier (even after many washes) than other towels and secondly, they look great, well the ones that are part of our bathroom range do, anyway.

Added luxury at bath time

We love a scented bath bomb and we’re all into delicious smelling moisturisers but when it comes to luxurious bath times, there’s no treat as cosy as getting out of a warm bath and wrapping yourself up in a super soft and fluffy towel. Our large Turkish bath towels are just the thing to add a bit of decadence to your bathing routine.

Opulent washrooms

If your bathroom is looking a little unloved and you want to add a touch of opulence without resorting to expensive renovations, why not add a Turkish towel to your washroom and see if it does the trick? We’re pretty sure it will.

Pick a colour

If your bathroom is all white, then it’ll be the towels and bath mats that give it a burst of colour and personality. Our extensive range of Turkish towels come in a wide selection of colours (including blue, lemon, burnt orange, light grey and many more) and a wide range of designs so you’re sure to find your favourite.

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