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If you're thinking about sprucing up your space, look no further than our brand new collection of curtains. Whether you're looking to add a little bit of luxury with velvet curtains, or keep the room at optimum temperature with thermal curtains, you'll be able to change the look and feel of your home in an instant with some of these gorgeous new designs...

Thermal Curtains

The thermal curtains are great for all year round, as the triple woven fabric will reduce light levels in the summer, while keeping the heat in during cold winter months. The semi-plain set offer an eyelet heading style, making them super easy to hang with a lovely drape. There’s also five colour options and matching cushions available.

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Fashion Curtains

Curtains can completely change the look of your room and they're perfect for adding your own sense of style. From deep navy, pretty blush and bright ochre, we've got a whole host of colours to match every room in your home. That's not forgetting our printed designs, including florals, stripes and checks.

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Blackout Curtains

Want a perfect night's sleep with less light and noise? We've got you covered with our range of blackout curtains. The blackout coating will block out light, reduce noise and help keep your home warm and inviting. Our blackout curtains are available in 7 colours with matching tiebacks.

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Curtain Poles

Elevate your home interior and hang your curtains with our choice of curtain poles. From silver and gold to black poles, find a colour to suit your space. Plus we've got loads of different designs, from cage, crackle and stud ends. Most of our curtain poles are also easily adjusted and extendable to finish your windows off effortlessly.

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Eyelet Curtains

Looking for a contemporary curtain heading design? Go for eyelet. Offering large metal rings along the top of the curtain, this modern design is often floor length with soft deep pleats running in uniform lines down the fabric. They’re super easy to hang but unfortunately not suitable for curtain tracks, with valances or for bay windows.

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Pencil Pleat Curtains

The classic heading for curtains, pencil pleats consist of tightly gathered folds that retain their shape with three rows of string threaded through the heading tape. They can be adjusted to the width of the window and attach to a curtain pole with curtain hooks, meaning they suit all types of tracks and poles.

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