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Cargo Pants Outfits

What to wear with cargo pants

What to wear with cargo pants

Cargo pants for men have caused a storm this season, both in his & hers departments, with them being hailed as the ultimate wardrobe upgrade. If you’re new to the cargo pant world, they can seem pretty daunting to style and integrate seamlessly into your wardrobe. Whether you’re out for drinks with the lads or running errands, cargo pants work hard to make you look good and stay comfy too. Interested? Check out our introductory guide to cargo pants for the ultimate styling tips.

Pick your fit, style & colour.


Cargo pants are available in a multitude of fits, so it is achievable finding the pair that works for you. The most popular fits that are available are “slim fit” and “straight fit” pants; slim fit are skinnier on the leg whereas straight fit offer less shape on the leg and are a more relaxed fit, so are usually considered cargo trousers. Men’s cargo shorts have been popular whilst the sun has been shining, but cargo pants are great all year round. Slim fit are definitely a smarter option whereas straight fit are great for relaxed casual vibes – it’s likely you’ll know which fit you prefer for your trousers, but it’s usually dependent on the occasion you’re dressing for.


Once you’ve picked your fit there are other elements that determine the style of cargos you’ll choose. A popular feature of a cargo pant is a cuffed ankle, which offers something different to the regular leg; they’ll fit much slimmer to the leg and often give a more casual vibe. Cargo pants are famously modelled after military style trousers, as to recreate the practical pant for the everyday man. Some cargo pants mimic the typical combat style with multiple pockets on the middle of the leg. The multiple pockets make this style look edgier but informal, so works well for any casual or relaxed occasions. Without these pockets, cargo pants can be dressed up for more formal occasions depending on the colour of them.


Due to cargo pants’ popularity, they’re now available in a multitude of colours! Cargo pants are traditionally muted, neutral colours, designed to work well with the existing pieces in your wardrobe. Having a pair that can take you between seasons and for various occasions is ideal, so owning a neutral pair is key. The colours you’d typically find cargo pants in are black, grey, navy, beige, tan and khaki. If you’re wondering how to style cargo pants for men, read on & find out!