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How to Style Your Bed

How to Style Your Bed

No matter how hard you try, getting your bed to look as inviting, comfortable and luxurious as they do in a hotel seems almost impossible. And then there’s so many questions: how many pillows should you have? And what about scatter cushions? And what kind of bottom sheet works best? And should you have a bedspread or a throw or a bed runner – or even all three? Yep, we get it, It’s an absolute interiors minefield. So, we’ve pulled together an expert guide to give you all the tips and tricks to help you make your bed like the pros do in a hotel. There are ideas for different scatter cushion shapes and set-ups as well as ideas for bedding textures, tucking techniques and colour schemes. Although, we can’t promise that by the time you’ve finished creating your bedroom masterpiece you won’t just want to spend all day curled up in your gorgeous bed watching Netflix…

Keep reading to find our step-by-step guide on how to style your bed.

Start With The Sheets

The first step in styling your bed like a hotel? Working out which styles and colours work best for you and prepping your bed so you’ve got a brilliant starting point before the fun really begins.

First off, think about your colour scheme. The most polished and professional hotel bedding choice is white, which, not only looks timeless and elegant, but goes with every interior trend. If that’s not your style, then try creating a mood board. This could be on Pinterest, by saving images you like the feel of on Instagram, or simply by flicking through interiors magazines. This should give you an idea about which colours and shades work for you, and you can use this as your starting point for making your bed like they do at a hotel.

The next thing to consider is the basic items your bed will need. This is things like pillows and duvets. Experts recommend changing your pillows every two years and your duvet every three to five years. This ensures that they’re clean, allergen-free and supportive for good sleep. Newer duvets and pillows will, of course, look plumper which will add a luxurious feel to the overall vibe when styling your bed. Double or king-size beds should have either four or six pillows so that they can be stacked up for that covetable look. It also means you have options if you sleep with more than one pillow or like to sleep cuddled up to one.

You also need to consider which kind of bottom sheets to use. Most of us use fitted sheets (because they’re so much easier to put on), but fancy hotels tend to use flat sheets to get their super sleek and professional look. Which type of bottom sheet you go for is completely up to you, but it’s worth noting that a flat sheet requires a bit more effort and time to put on, which may not suit you if you have a busy lifestyle (and a fitted sheet is easily hidden by the duvet, anyway).

Keep your sheets white to really nail that hotel bed vibe or add a pop of colour like blush pink or mustard to add a bit of personality.

And finally, the other basic - pillowcases. It’s likely you’ll get a set with whichever duvet cover you choose, but that will still leave you with additional pillows that need to be dressed. One option is to opt for simple white pillowcases for that ultimate hotel bed (you could even try something with a singular stripe or textured detail). The other option is to choose a clashing colour or print to make your bed really stand out. If you like the idea of choosing another colour but don’t want anything to over-the-top, you could try a muted tone like grey or beige.

Up the luxury factor when making your bed by choosing basics that are high quality – look for products that have a high thread count or are 100% cotton for ultimate cosy softness.

Choose the Right Duvet Set

The biggest decision when styling your bed like a hotel? Choosing the duvet set, obviously.

.The main item to think about when making your bed like a hotel is, of course, the duvet cover. It’s best to have at least two styles to rotate between washes – experts agree you should wash your bedding once a week.

Consult your colour scheme when making bedding choices. You might want to keep things simple and have multiple white duvet sets to choose from, or you might want something a bit more eye-catching like a bold colour or printed set. Another option when considering the overall look of your bed set-up is a reversible duvet cover. It means that if the top of the duvet is folded down, you’ll be able to see both colours or patterns which adds an eye-catching element.

You could also add a comfortable and luxurious twist with something like a seersucker or waffle bedding set. Adding textures will help create a really inviting bed you’ll be desperate to crawl into.

When styling your duvet with the duvet cover on, the best and easiest way to get that hotel look at home is to smooth out the duvet (no need to iron the bedding, you can just use a wrinkle release spray). Then you have two options. you can either pull the duvet towards the head of the bed and then place your pillows on top of the duvet, or you can stack the pillows straight onto your bottom sheet and have the top of your duvet folded down – and, as previously mentioned, this looks great with a reversible duvet cover.

Another tip on making your bed especially cosy? Going up one size with your bedding. If you have a double bed, try king size bedding and if you have a king size bed, try super king size bedding. It means you won’t run out of duvet in the night and have plenty left to cuddle up to.

Add Cushions and Throws

Now that all the basics are covered, the fun really begins. It’s time to add all those finishing touches that really complete making your bed like a hotel.

A great place to start is with the scatter cushions. There’s lots of different combinations to choose between – square cushions, rectangle cushions, circular cushions and then how many? An easy rule to follow would be one or two square or rectangular cushions stacked up on each side of the bed in front of the pillows. You could choose different prints, textures or colours to add a stylish and inviting look. We love velvet or faux fur to really amp up the comfort factor. Make sure that when you stack the cushions you display the smallest one at the front. It’s up to you whether you keep the pillows behind your cushions either stacked up flat or stacked up upright.

Other options to consider for your scatter cushions include using bolster cushions or adding a third (or even a fifth if you’ve already got a double scatter cushion set-up) in the middle of the bed. Layering up your cushions like this will make it extra cosy and make your bed look incredibly comfortable.

It’s completely up to you whether you use a bedspread, throw or bed runner – you could even use all three. The more layers you add, the warmer your bed will be, so you could even swap and change for different seasons of the year. A classic style would just be to opt for one of them – and if your bedding is white, you could either go for an accent colour or stick to white but use a different texture.

Layering is key to making your bed look like a hotel, as well as making it look like somewhere you’d want to spend all your time. We love playing with textures and/or colours to bring the overall look together. When topping your bedding with something like a throw, you can either fold it in half and pull it halfway up the bed to allow the duvet cover to be visible, or – if it’s large enough – you can pull it right up to where the duvet starts. Another option would be folding it multiple times width ways and placing it across the centre of a bed as if it were a runner – this style looks incredibly elegant but means you can easily unfold the throw if you need to use it.

And our final tip? Enjoy your work of art. You’ve now completed Matalan’s 101 course on making your bed look like a hotel. Time to make a hot drink, put on the PJs and snuggle on down…

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