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Monday mornings

Let’s talk Monday mornings. Do you leap out of bed and happily trot along to your place of work? Or do you get up late, after five snoozes and sluggishly trudge in? If it’s the latter, have you considered that it could be your shoes that are stopping you from being your sprightly self? Okay, it might not just be your shoes but a comfy pair of shoes certainly can’t hurt, right? Check out our entire workwear range and see if it can put a smile on your face come Monday morning.

Soleflex for comfort

Do you spend most of the working day on your feet? Whether you’re a teacher or a waitress, a solicitor or a nurse, you’re going to need comfortable shoes if you’re spending all day in them. Our Soleflex range has been carefully designed to deliver all-day comfort, performance and value without compromising on quality. Featuring cushioned and breathable insoles and flexible and durable outsoles, these are perfect for you if comfort matters.

Big meeting ready

Us women have managed to keep this a secret for decades, but the right pair of heels have the ability to make us feel confident and in control, making them the perfect for choice for big days at work. If you need to look the part then take a look at the heeled shoes in our workwear range.

Loafing in loafers

If you don’t quite spend the whole day on your feet but you still need to look smart, then a pair of sensible loafers could well be the answer, in a choice of colours and styles these will be the perfect choice for you, whatever it is that you do.

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