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From decorating the tree to listening to festive music, there’s loads of ways to celebrate Christmas. Take a look at our favourite Christmas traditions that you may want to try out with the family this year.

Christmas Traditions from Around the World

Every country has their own different Christmas quirks. This year, why not take part in one of the 4 traditions from around the world below? You could make it into a fun family challenge and do all 4.


France celebrate St. Nicholas day on 6th December, where they give children sweets and stocking style gifts.


Many who live in Canada have Christmas cookie baking parties with friends or family.


Another country who love to celebrate Christmas with food, Spain makes the traditional Spanish Christmas dessert turrón.


In Germany, children are told to leave shoes outside for a festive gift, but only if they’ve been well behaved!

10 of the Best Family Traditions at Christmas.

Here are our top 10 traditions for the whole family to get involved with this year. Does your family have a special or funny tradition they do every Christmas? Share your antics on Facebook or Instagram and tag us to let us know.

1. Make a Wreath.

If you fancy trying your hand at DIY this year, look no further than wreath making. It’s a great way to get the whole family’s creative juices flowing, plus you’ll save some money in the process! Simply take a circle of oasis and create a wreath by using evergreens from the garden or flowers and dried fruits from a supermarket. It’s a gorgeous decoration for your front door, or you could use it to remember a loved one by placing the wreath in memorial of those who aren’t with us this year.

2. A Message From Father Christmas.

There’s nothing better than the magic your little ones feel around Christmas time, so surprise them with a special message from the man himself, Father Christmas! There’s loads of different websites that you can use to set this up, our favourite is https://www.portablenorthpole.com/. It’s also a great way of encouraging the little ones to stay well behaved and brings the excitement of Christmas.

3. Post A Letter To Father Christmas.

The best thing about this one? Every child receives a reply! Have some fun with your little one by writing a letter to Father Christmas, and send it to: Father Christmas, Santa's Grotto, Reindeerland, XM4 5HQ. The cut off to post your letter is very early December, so make sure you get them writing today!

4. An Evening With Mulled Wine.

Adults, we think you’ll enjoy this one! Christmas wouldn’t be complete without mulled wine, so make a night of it by warming up your own batch. All you’ll need is half a bottle of wine, a handful of spices and citrus fruit. Simply place the ingredients in a saucepan and simmer gently for 6-8 minutes, without boiling. Make sure you get an alcohol free version for the little ones too.

5. Turning On The Christmas Lights.

Find out if your local neighbourhood is turning on their Christmas lights, it’s a fun way to get the whole family excited for the festivities. This year might be a little bit different, so if you’re unable to go out and watch it, get everyone in the household together to decorate the tree and switch on your own Christmas lights.

6. Put Together A Christmas Box.

If your little one isn’t doing Operation Christmas Child in school already, a great way to give back is putting together a box for the less fortunate this year. Simply find a shoe box, wrap it with Christmas paper and fill it with essentials, toys and games.

7. Elf On The Shelf.

It’s not just the kids who love this one! Make sure you’ve got your naughty little elf ready to play elf on the shelf this year. Each day on the run up to Christmas, hide your elf in funny and mischievous places for the little ones to find.

8. Make A Gingerbread House.

Ready for some baking fun? Make gingerbread batches with your little ones, or simply buy gingerbread biscuits from your local supermarket ready to build your very own gingerbread house. Make sure you’ve got icing sugar to stick the walls together and a yummy selection of sweets and chocolate to decorate!

9. Treats For Father Christmas and Rudolph.

One of the most magical Christmas traditions for the little ones is leaving out treats for Father Christmas and his reindeer. Make sure you’ve got a carrot for Rudolph, mince pie and milk (or brandy) for Father Christmas. The look on the little one’s faces is priceless on Christmas morning!

10. Christmas Eve Pjs.

Getting brand new Christmas eve PJs is a fairly new tradition, but it’s one everyone loves. Turn the family into a dream team and find festive matching PJs to settle down, make hot chocolate and watch Christmas films.

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