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Geometric Rugs

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Classic home aesthetics call for a timeless rug style, so why not explore the geometric collection here today at Matalan? There are rugs in a great selection of colours to choose from, including a grey geometric rug, a black and white geometric rug and a navy geometric rug to ensure they effortlessly blend into traditional and modern homes alike, as well as a yellow geometric rug, a teal geometric rug, a green geometric rug and a blue geometric rug for those of you looking for a lovely dash of colour. And, if you really want to fill out your space with a home decorative, you can always pick up a large geometric rug to beautifully spruce up the space between your TV and sofa.

21 items


Are geometric rugs in style?

Providing homes with an ultra-classic look, geometric area rugs are on the rise in popularity, due to their unique style that will effortlessly blend into a wide range of interiors. Modern, contemporary and oh-so chic, they’re the ultimate pieces for giving your office or living room a wonderful refresh.

If you’re not into your solid colour designs, why not explore this timeless selection of geometric rugs here today at Matalan? Whether you’re welcoming guests into your home with a patterned doormat or need something to slip underneath your coffee table, you’ll find what you’re looking for on this page.

Can you put two different rugs in the same room?

At Matalan, we say there’s nothing wrong with mixing multiple rugs. You can stock up on a variety of patterned rugs in the same colourway to coordinate the look of your home. And, if you’re feeling playful, you can stack rugs on top of each other for a unique finish.

Make your living spaces appear more versatile with our great collection of geometric rugs. Styled with classic colours to help you effortlessly build up the look of your home, you’ll be able to beautifully transform your interior with these sophisticated and easy-to-clean rugs in no time!

Is it worth spending money on a rug?

Let’s be honest, a rug can really tie a room together. Ensuring high-quality and rich colours, our rugs have the power to last for a decade or more with the right amount of care. And, with so many great designs on offer, how can you go wrong with our selection?

Explore this great range of geometric print rugs in a variety of classic colours, including black, neutral blue and sophisticated silver. Suitable for carpets and hardwood floors alike, our rugs are easy to tend to, durable and uber stylish. What more could you need for decorating your living space?

Does a dark rug make a room look smaller?

With the ability to absorb light, dark rugs tend to make places look smaller than they really are. That’s why, here at Matalan, we’ve stocked up on a contemporary selection of geometric rugs that come in soft tones to create an inviting and welcoming environment within your home.

Livening up your interior really is a doddle with the rugs on this page. From beautiful beige designs to more luxurious silver pieces, you’ll provide your living room or home office with a beautiful and regal dash of elegance. Browse today to ensure you don’t miss out on a bargain!

How do you match rug patterns?

If you’re worried about the patterns in your home clashing, don’t worry – we’re here to offer some help. The key to combining printed rugs is to match a large-scale pattern with a small-scale pattern, and make sure they’re in similar colourways to ensure the look isn’t too striking.

Luckily, we’ve stocked up on a wide range of geometric pattern rugs here at Matalan to assist you in beautifully mixing your home accessories. Featuring a terrific selection of playful patterns that still scream modern excellence, beautifully building up your interior with decorative pieces has never been easier!