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Sheepskin Rugs

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For a cosier living space, you simply can’t go wrong with a faux sheepskin rug. If you want your sheepskin rug large, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in a great selection of colours, including a grey sheepskin rug, a white sheepskin rug, a black sheepskin rug and a cream sheepskin rug for a timeless appearance, as well as a pink sheepskin rug for those of you wanting a great pop of colour in your home. So, get ready to sink your feet into something sumptuously soft by picking up one of these snug rugs here today at Matalan.

Can sheepskin rugs be washed?

When it comes to your interior, it’s important to keep it looking as clean and fresh as possible. That’s why we recommend hand washing your sheepskin rug, as it’s less harsh on its natural oils and fibre. After all, who wouldn’t want their rug to look great for longer?

Blotting out spills and stains is a doddle with this terrific assortment of sheepskin rugs here at Matalan. In a wide range of colours to ensure you’ll find something to charmingly complement your living space, these rugs are also super soft to provide a comfortable feel on your feet.

Are sheepskin rugs good for dogs?

There’s so much to love about a sheepskin rug when it comes to your canine companions. Super soft and featuring natural thermoregulating properties, these antibacterial rugs come with soothing properties which can ease your furry friend’s joint pain. They’ll adore relaxing on one after a big walk with you!

Undeniably comfortable, durable and easy-to-clean, these sheepskin rugs have it all. From classic colours like grey and navy blue to more playful pink and green tones, you can be sure to find the perfect rug to beautifully complement your carpet or hardwood floor. Explore this range today right here at Matalan.

What are the benefits of a sheepskin rug?

Sheepskin rugs provide great peace of mind, as they’re naturally resistant to bed bugs, dust mites and mould growth. Not only do they pop a super charming touch into your interior, but they also promote a healthy living environment, as they lessen the risk of bacteria growing.

The good news is that, if your sheepskin rug ever looks dirty, they can easily be cleaned. So, why not explore this wonderful collection of breathable sheepskin rugs here today at Matalan? Crafted with sumptuously soft material, they’ll simply tick all the boxes for a wide range of modern homes.

How do you refresh a sheepskin rug?

Put care at the forefront by brushing your sheepskin rug with a metal comb or slick brush. Perfect for restoring the pile to keep your home accessory looking nice and fluffy, brushing your rug will also help to eliminate any surface dust and particles for a fresh and clean feel.

Sure to make life at home that bit easier, you can’t beat one of these super soft and charming sheepskin rugs. Perfect for popping in between your TV unit and sofa, as well as for placing on a side table or bench, they’ll make a versatile addition to any home.

Can you vacuum a sheepskin rug?

If you always put care at the forefront, you’re in luck – it’s appropriate to vacuum a sheepskin rug. Here at Matalan, however, we recommend vacuuming with suction only to keep it looking brand new, all the while minimising the risk of damaging your product.

So, you need something new to spruce up your living space? Why not explore this fun and playful range of sheepskin rugs right here? Featuring a great selection of colours to complement your décor, these rugs are satisfyingly soft and create the perfect focal point in living rooms, dining rooms and home offices.