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Flamingo Coin Purse (12cm x 14cm)
New Arrivals
Travel Eye Mask (23cm x 9cm)
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Kaleidoscope Sunglasses Pouch (16.5cm x 7cm)
New Arrivals
Surfside Sunglasses Pouch (16.5cm x 7cm)
New Arrivals

Forward-thinking travel

Always looking to be one step ahead of the pack, even when it comes to summer holidays? Well, forget obscure destinations (Antarctica is overrated anyway), the best way to stay ahead of the crowd is with our brand-new, that’s right, brand-new holiday essentials range.

Beach body ready?

There’s all this talk about being beach body ready but if you’ve got your swimwear (or at least something floaty and not too hot), you’ve got a book and you’ve got your beach towel then you seem pretty beach body ready in our eyes. Have a leisurely peruse of our brand-new beach towel range and get your body ready simply by clicking “add to basket”.

Handy hand luggage

You know how important your suitcase is, it’s got your swimming cossie, your shiny new shoes and that perfect outfit for the final night but how much thought have you put into your hand luggage? If you were just going to take a battered old backpack then think again, we’ve got a range of bags that are the perfect size for all of your in-flight essentials.

Magic Bag

If your little bookworm is a huge fan of all things Hogwarts then we might have the perfect holiday hand-luggage for them. In the yellow and burgundy of Gryffindor house (obviously the best of the houses), your little wizard will have a magic time getting ready for your trip.

Lovely Luggage

If how you look on holiday matters to you then you’ll probably want to consider the vibe that your luggage is giving off too. Our range of brand-new luggage is sure to be looking on-trend for years to come.

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